Friday, September 02, 2005

Life is how many breaths u take in,Its not about those suckin moments that take ur fuckin breath away!!!!
n those suckin moments keeps on taking ur breath away from u n finally ur on the verge of dying.there u realize that it was better if i wont have gone for the those moments which seemed so lewd to an amorous person .And when this amorous person jerks this lust off his dick and turns into a hermit and seeks for a hermitage,finally lands up in a shitty hovel.Now this sucker chews over wat all he's done and finally counts how many breaths can he take in to do smthing fruitful.
Apart from this sucker,therez a fucker who keeps on waiting for those hilarious moments but never gets any.and when his dick says "seva samapt" ,he realizes those were the best possible days of my life.And when he turns up into a hermit,hez unable to think of anything coz even those best poosible days could not take even a single of his breaths away but still waiting for those possibly better moments in the rest of his life....
And now....Here is our third sucker,son of a bitch who's got nothin to do in this whole world and reading as well as analysing this blog fraught with shit.....go and get sm fuckin job buddy!!!